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Our design principles:
how we build our machines
When starting the design of a new machine, we have to do better than just a few picks faster than the previous generation. Today’s world is all about connectivity, user-centric design, intuitive controls, self-learning capacities and sustainability … to name just a few. These are the benchmarks for a future-proof design.

We have brought these together in 4 key principles that serve as the starting point for the design of any Picanol machine or feature:

Smart Performance
Performance is the first requirement for any machine or feature, and the obvious indicator is the theoretical maximum speed. Very often, however, the gap between this theoretical speed and the effective speed under real-life conditions is huge.



Sustainability Inside
When it comes to preventing waste and reducing energy consumption, Picanol has long faced up to its responsibility.

Driven by Data
We all know that digitization will become ever more important in the next decades. Data have to be captured and made available for artificial intelligence, making production more efficient.



Intuitive Control
Kids nowadays handle new technology effortlessly and intuitively. That’s what we want for our machines as well.

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Steverlyncklaan 15 Ieper 8900 Belgium