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Office 19 Romanie Van Dyck Street Brussels 1070 Belgium Tel: +32 2 218 02 71 Website:

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PCP-SEYMOUR stands for quality, wide variety and excellent after sales service.
Our job is to offer you the whole package which satisfies your highest expectations, and thus enabling you to concentrate on your job at hand.

PCP has its expertise in the production and distribution of high quality work clothing and accessories.

SEYMOUR concentrates mainly on corporate garments and tailor made requests.

Bringing together PCP-SEYMOUR unites both these specialties and therefore strives to be a reference in any type of professional garment or accessory.


Our mission is to put our experience at work to benefit our clients in relation to their professional environment.
PCP-SEYMOUR assists professionals in their quest for the best possible solutions for their garment requirements. From inquiry to delivery, our team covers all aspects both logistically and after sales service.

Your satisfaction is our motivation to strive to perfection which makes winners of all of us


Founded in 1906, Le Palais du Cache-Poussière quickly established itself as a manufacturer of dustcoats and coveralls and this up to this day.
Renamed PCP in 2007, the name refering to its origins but also to Profesional Clothing Partners, it evolves into being a supplier of all sorts of professional garments.

2012 sees the arrival of SEYMOUR and the extension into corporate clothing and uniforms. Both these companies now form a group, establishing it as leader in its field, both in choice and quality.

Pioneer in its field, the group is now renowned both for its expertise as for the quality of the service offered.
Big names in all professions lend their trust to PCP-SEYMOUR, ranging from catering to public service, and even some star rated chefs.

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19 Romanie Van Dyck Street Brussels 1070 Belgium