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Contact: Marie Beguin Anne de Prémare
Office 151, rue Potagère Brussels 1210 Belgium Mobile: +32494483728 Mobile: +32493704233

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The textile design studio NoMoreTwist unites 3 designers around a giant loom. Michèle, Anne and Marie met at the ARBA-ESA in Brussels. The NoMoreTwist project – a place for collective research as well as a brand of textile objects – came to fruition as their studies ended.

The brand’s DNA is textile. Each new production considers the thread itself, its thickness, texture, colour and, above all, the various ways of interlocking it. Developing different weaves is at the heart of NoMoreTwist’s work, posing a continual challenge to design new and amazing fabrics. They are then highlighted within collections of throws, cushions, large floor cushions,… And all 100% ‘made in Belgium.’

With this little characteristic ‘twist,’ the objects bring a touch of originality and colour, giving character to any interior.

NoMoreTwist also offers its expertise to object designers, stylists or architects interested in tailored design.
The studio of textile creation NoMoreTwist, specialized in weaving techniques, is composed of three designers all from the Brussels Fine Arts Academy. Marie Beguin, Anne de Prémare and Michèle Populer. They have collaborated with several companies and creators, such as the renowned Jean-Paul Gaultier Studio. Anne de Prémare has also worked with Malhia Kent Paris on Haute couture woven collections. Michèle Populer, a trained historian, is developing a vegetable dye technique. Marie Beguin is working as an assistant for the designer Cenk Krivrikoglu and also teaches weaving at MAFAD (Maastricht-Nl) and ENSAV La Cambre (Bruxelles-Be).

3 designers: united by their expertise in technical reinterpretation and creation of weaving, a technique around for as long as anyone can remember

3 personalities: in search of a balance between reminiscence and innovation, purity and enthusiasm, consistency and hazard

3 attitudes: colour against all odds, material sensuality and the secret link between structure and pattern

The chemistry of the individuals is what gives the trio’s creations their own specific identity, which draws inspiration from fine art, the history of textiles, travel, nature and new technology…

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151, rue Potagère Brussels 1210 Belgium