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Office Brusselsesteenweg 525 Melle 9090 BELGIUM Tel: +32 9 210 40 90 Website:

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We add value to your brand

Our knowledge and experience of label production extends over more than half a century and today we find ourselves at the forefront in terms of design, quality and sustainability. We work in a focused and purposeful manner to together develop, design and manufacture the world’s best labelling solutions for our clients.

Our offer

Nilorn is a leading development hub with a focus on strengthening our clients’ identity. Our business, of visualizing and refining brands, rests on six pillars: Design, Product development, Production, Sustainability, Logistics and Global Presence. With these building blocks, we create a holistic offer with optimal solutions to assist our customers and their brands in their development.


For us, the design is in the details.

Our ultimate goal is to strengthen the feel of a brand. To refine the basic philosophy through innovative, creative solutions, where tactile expressions are also an essential part of the experience. With our global design presence and cultural perspectives, we assist many of the world’s major brands in their aspirations to enhance their identity through labeling.

Not only do we engross ourselves in specific customer assignments, we also create our own projects where we develop and design original label collections, using the latest technologies and materials. As with all our other activities, the objective is to ensure that our designs, and the brands that we collaborate with, always are and remain one step ahead.

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Brusselsesteenweg 525 Melle 9090 BELGIUM