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Nèle Content

Office 45, rue des Fabriques Brussels 1000 Belgium Mobile: +32 485 50 58 73 Website:

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Nèle Content makes jewellery in silver, one-off pieces
or small editions.
Thanks to her background in contemporary jewellery and textile design, she combines both disciplines in a new and original way.
Her discreet pieces are aerial and grounded, light and strong,
graceful and elegant.

Pattern, texture, and a dialogue between brilliant and matt surfaces.
Metal becomes rhythm, following the shapes, folds, and pleats of fabric, creating contrasts and responding only to itself …
Each piece is the fruit of a quest for movement and balance.

Jewelry should be playful, an interchange between metal and skin ,
a flash of light amongst silken hair, arresting our gaze.

There is three collections:

The “Caractères” series is based on shaping of silver,
which is cut to create distinct volumes.

In the “Reliefs” series, volume and movement arise
from folding and repeating linear patterns.

The “Lignes” series is inspired by the techniques of weaving.
These pieces emerge from networks, from the embrace of thread and texture, evoking the way in which fabric forms are created.

Each piece consists of a unique surface, which is cut, wrapped
and develops through folding in on itself.
Volumes rise from the simple interplay of shape and cut.


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45, rue des Fabriques Brussels 1000 Belgium