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Nathalie d’Anvers

Office Markgravelei 120 Antwerpen 2018 Belgium Mobile: +32 491 28 12 24 Website:

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Nathalie d’Anvers offers a way of creating, a search for harmony by combining forms and colors in order to evoke a spiritual state and transcribing through this alchemy, the essence of « feminity ». Each creation places in the spotlight the woman who is wearing it and illuminates her personality. The creations of Nathalie d’Anvers reflect the sensitive resonance of the body movement in this world and in the universe. They unveil as much the spirit of the woman wearing them as the love of beauty that inspires and motivates their inception. The brand embodies the return of beautifull, timeless creations that emphasizes and magnifies the silhouette.

Nathalie d’Anvers discovered at a very young age the art of creating dresses and outfits, exclusively reserved for a female audience. Inspired by her grandmother’s couture-skills, art books and her particular interst in sculpture and drawing, she created her first pieces from old fabrics, laces, and other accessories. As a teenager, she studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Antwerp, where she developed her passion for sculpture.

After a fifteen years international career in business and finance, she returned to her first passion: art, sculpture and dresses.

Nathalie d’Anvers creates her dresses as a sculptor. Instead of drawings, she uses a miniature « mannequin-doll » for modelling her designs. She needs this three dimensional sensation and the touch with natural materials, silk and high quality tissus, for turning an idea into an object. The realisation of the final dresses is exclusively done by Haute Couture ateliers in Paris, artisans and fine craftmanship in Belgium. Perfectionism, an eye and focus on the tiniest details and high quality finishings, guarantees the quality, beauty and durability of the creations of the brand.

Nathalie d’Anvers offers women timeless lines, contemporary innovations while maintaining the essential ideals, which are reactivating a classicism, synonymous with elegance. Her timeless but complicated designs result in sophisticated dresses with a signature of pure and smooth lines.

Her way of draping, noble fabrics and transparancies combined with innovative techniques results in exquisite dresses.

Nathalie d’Anvers is not dictated by seasonal tendencies, but follows her own feelings.

In many ways she works in close collaboration with contemporary artists. The creations are made to outlive the passing swings of fashion. Every dress is a reflection of her state of mind.

Wearing a dress of Nathalie d’Anvers is an attitude, a way of being : « Be Anything but Obvious »

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Markgravelei 120 Antwerpen 2018 Belgium