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Industrielaan 1 Deinze 9800 Belgium Tel: +32 (0)9 386 11 45 Website:

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For over a century, the Liebaert family has built up a valuable trove of savoir-faire by investing both in highly skilled team members and state of the art technologies. This vision, which puts creativity at the forefront in the manufacture of premium quality textiles, has earned Liebaert a high-ranking spot at the very top of the European fashion industry. Quality has always been the very first concern for Liebaert. Today, the company is renown throughout the textile industry for its ability to develop and manufacture bespoke products.

Furthermore, their dyeing and printing techniques are widely prized, as is their commitment to produce environmentally friendly fabrics, which has been lauded with an ISO14001 certificate. Combining talent and innovation, the Liebaert group engineered NanoStitch®, a new generation of high-performance stretch fabrics knitted with Lycra® fibre. This ideal blend of invisible knit technology and wonderful sensory comfort makes NanoStitch® fabrics a perfect match for every sports challenge.

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Industrielaan 1 Deinze 9800 Belgium