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Morgane Gielen

Office Kortenberg Belgium Tel: +32 498 248 110 Website:

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Morgane Gielen (1994) is a Belgium based lifestyle and fashion photographer. She focuses on creating more inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry, which she finds very important. That is also the reason why she started her own talent agency where she represents models, make-up artists and stylists that share her vision.

She is also the founder of the taboo-breaking collective No Babes, which gives a voice to people that are often silenced by society’s ideals. This is also the name of her very first photobook, published by Borgerhoff & Lamberigts. No Babes questions taboos through exhibitons, a podcast, videos, photoshoots, and more.

Next to that, she also has her own program called #nofilter in ‘Iedereen Beroemd’ where a team follows her behind the scenes of a No Babes shoot.