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Rue Sainte Gertrude 28 , Waterloo 1410 Belgium Website:

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Who is behind MOOV 360?
“Architect and sportswoman since my youngest age, I imagined sportswear in accordance with my principles and my personality. Mother of two children, I am passionate about sports (skiing, trail running, etc.) and fashion. But what I love above all is being able to surpass myself and set myself challenges. Incorporating MOOV360 into the Belgian sportswear landscape on a long-term basis is a new challenge that I have set myself.

In my job as an architect, I favor clean forms and a mix of styles. For our MOOV360 products, I chose a timeless look: sober backgrounds & graphic colored lines sign this first collection. Lover of nature, and particularly of the mountains where I spend a lot of time, I have a real ecological conscience, and that is why I opted for 100% Italian manufacturing.”

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Rue Sainte Gertrude 28 , Waterloo 1410 Belgium