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Office Maliestraat 90 Elsene 1050 Belgium Tel: +32 2 534 54 28 Mobile: +32 2 534 32 50 Website:

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To understand a woman, you have to read between the lines. To wear Mia Zia, we must live between the lines.”
Mia Zia is revealed to you, colorful, since 1997. The proof, a renowned signature; for almost two decades. Look between the lines but do not pass through the mesh, the range of accessories broaden and details are accentuated. Between decisions and creations, each role is executed to transmit our identity. – A combination of infinite colors unified quality and priceless uniqueness. Small hands of local workshops in Morocco, Turkey, India but also in Nepal shape the journey of silk, cashmere, linen and cotton voile in others. The scarves collections, scarves and socks that have propelled the fame of the label are complemented each season by a range of ready-to-wear women

Between the Lines The mark is similar to all those women with many facets. It is an invitation to escape from his horizon, to discover oneself more, we and elsewhere. Mia Zia is a reflection of this woman sometimes urban, sometimes globetrotter, which thrives and grows, over his experiences.

Mia Zia is certainly you !

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Maliestraat 90 Elsene 1050 Belgium