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Mia Monta started in 1953 as a contracting firm in the clothing industry. At that time, it produced ready-to-wear ladies’ and children’s wear on a small scale under the management of Mrs. Van Achter-Paesmans, the company’s founder.

Five years later her husband also joined the company. After a while she decided to design her own collection of ladies’ clothing, which her husband sold to retail businesses all over Belgium.

Since then “Mia Monta” has expanded into a family business employing twenty-five people. Its product range has also evolved over the years, first adding superior-quality garments to the ready-to-wear collection and then changing over to cocktail dresses and bridal gowns.

As this changeover was greeted with a lot of enthusiasm, the company decided to continue on this new route. The huge success of Nadine Menschaert’s designs, the founders’ daughter-in-law, allowed the company to invest considerably in larger collections, know-how and machinery.

Having established a company with sound foundations, Mia Monta’s founders decided in 1999 to hand on the torch to their eldest son Ludo Van Achter and their daughter-in-law Nadine Menschaert, who are now in charge of company’s further expansion exporting to all neighbouring countries and developing a new product i.e. covers for bridal gowns, cocktail dresses, men’s suits, etc.

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Van Achter Ludo
Business manager

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Brakelstraat 79 Zottegem 9620 Belgium