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Every dress has it’s own story

Our secret? Dynamism, daring and above all creativity. A wedding gown is pure emotion. For both the designer and the bride. That’s why we give our designers creative freedom. Every dress is designed with passion in Belgium and bears the mark of unique craftsmanship.

At Marylise we focus on innovation and service and the fact that we are in control of every aspect, from A to Z, makes all the difference. Your ‘Once in a lifetime’ wedding dress is in loving hands all of the time.
We are delighted to introduce you into our world!


Marylise is a Belgian family business that has specialized for decades in the design and production of high-quality wedding dresses including a great fit. The mission of Marylise is to inspire brides worldwide and to help provide them with an unforgettable day.


At Marylise our daily goal is to make unique wedding dresses that match our brides’ once in a lifetime experience. To ensure we remain trendsetters, we’ve incorporated a creative laboratory within our design department. It’s the place where all the creative magic happens! Working with a team of designers worldwide, each with different backgrounds and personalities pays off. Each year Marylise shifts the creative boundaries of bridal fashion.


The brand is part of the Marylise and Rembo Fashion Group. Starting as a hat shop in 1926, and subsequently evolved into a wholesale bridal accessories company with its own small bridal collection, it then expanded to the company that we know today; a respectable family company and the driving force behind the three Belgian bridal brands Marylise, Rembo Styling and Carta Branca.





The starting point for our designers is the bride of today : a dynamic, fashionable young woman who knows what she wants. Her bridal gown must match her wishes and her personality. Bridal fashion should be fully-fledged fashion.

That’s why we opt for innovation every year. As a trendsetter we’re ready to take risks. That’s how we continue to surprise brides with creations that have never been seen before.

Marylise is beautiful in its simplicity. The dresses have a perfect cut and are made in refined lace and noble fabrics such as chiffon and crepe. In terms of models, we see classics such as close-fitting dresses or a dress with a lace top and a circle skirt. By manufacturing them in trendy materials, it looks very contemporary.

Your handmade Marylise bridal gown awaits you




Thanks to the use of new made to measure technology, we are able to deliver a wedding dress that perfectly matches your figure.

This groundbreaking concept in the bridal industry gives brides to option to have a made-to-measure wedding dress or in other words, a dress entirely tailored to her size.

This innovative software gives each dress an instant proper ‘fitting’. Choosing for a made-to-measure dress limits the alterations in store, apart from the length of your dress. Your dress will be a unique piece at an affordable price, made with only the best materials.

Ask your wedding shop for more information about this unique future!

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Generaal Belliardstraat 21-23 Antwerp 2000 Belgium