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hey! This is us, two sisters with a passion for sewing and fashion. In 2015 this passion became its own business!

High-quality fabrics for women’s clothing are not easy to find, so we thought there was nothing better than opening a shop ourselves 🙂 What started as a side project next to a full-time job, grew into a full-fledged business in a historic town house in the heart of Mechelen . The cozy space is always filled with beautiful women’s fabrics, patterns, haberdashery and other fun gadgets for every seamstress. With two major collection changes per year, the range remains varied and sensitive to trends. We regularly travel to Paris to look for the latest novelties and to purchase unique, contemporary fabrics. This way your homemade outfit will look like it came from a nice boutique!

A small family business also means personal service! We are always ready to help you in a friendly and non-binding manner. Questions are free, and tips and tricks are included for free!

Much love, Petra & Eva