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Marie Catherine Le Hodey

Vieille rue du Moulin 166 Brussels 1180 Belgium Tel: +32 475 27 01 47 Website:

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Marie Catherine creates modern, glamorous and impertinent wedding dresses. Fluid and light, like the scent of a summer perfume. She is inspired by mythical icons of fashion and cinema such as Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, Kate Moss, Vanessa Paradis, …. The style is elegant, uncluttered and definitely couture with a touch of voluptuousness. The Marie Catherine le Hodey’s bride is free, sensual and sparkling. Her eyes sparkle, her laughter is spontaneous, her look confident. Subtle, aesthetic, passionate, a bit rebellious, she dreams of lightness, carefreeness and poetry. She breaks the codes and dares to be impetuous and seductive.


“A free spirit, a glamorous look, sprinkled with a touch of impertinence. “

Marie Catherine has been designing wedding dresses for more than 10 years and has the art of sublimating women. She looks for harmony, refinement and boldness in her cuts. She enhances the curves of the body with naturalness and delicacy by choosing comfortable fabrics with a perfect fit. Subtly plays with materials and transparencies to give a casual air to the silhouettes.







During your appointment, you will be able to try on many dresses from the collection. The fitting is fun and creative. We try on, we superimpose, we compose, we have fun! The idea is to play with all the elements of the collection to discover the dress that will reveal your personality. The dress will then be made to your measure with the chosen elements of personalization.

Price of the collection 2000 to 4500€.


“Each dress tells a different story, this story is yours. “

Do you love the house style and want a fully customized dress?

Whisper your wishes to Marie Catherine and she will be happy to create it for you, with you. You will receive a detailed sketch. The first fittings of the dress will be done in a cotton canvas in order to define with Marie Catherine, the volumes, the proportions. You will select the fabrics and laces together. When all the details of your dress will be chosen with love, your dress will be realized in the real materials, with a know-how Couture.

Price on estimate from 3000€.

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Vieille rue du Moulin 166 Brussels 1180 Belgium