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Contact: Emmanuel Demuynck
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Raising the concept of a scarf to the status of an exceptional item imbued with character. That is what Emmanuel Demuynck of the Belgian company Monsieur Maison succeeds in time after time. And with flair. One could describe his creations as unique stories. They are almost poetic and above all beautiful. They are the fruit of an exciting search for rare couture and haute couture fabrics from days gone by, the unique combinations of which today constitute the clearly recognisable trademark of Monsieur Maison. With each of his scarves, Emmanuel creates a link to a very special figure from the 20th century.

The secret of the perfection of Monsieur Maison scarves lies in its capacity to create the perfect blend of designs, colours and fabrics.
The scarves are made in Belgian workshops which is a very conscious choice on the part of the designer. The workshops guarantee an outstandingly high-quality approach and the seamless translation of what Monsieur Maison seeks to communicate in its unique models. The handwork and the know-how result in quality and durability, two aspects that are very important to Demuynck.

Who is the designer Emmanuel Demuynck?
Emmanuel studied painting at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts in Ghent. In addition to designing this collection, he also offers his freelance services for design and merchandising projects. He is also a purchaser and consultant for Belgian labels and multi-brand stores.