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Made & More is a Belgium based online store dedicated to sustainable fashion and transparency on who, and how was made your garment. Through the brands we choose, we want to offer an alternative to fast-fashion for conscious consumers.


Fashion being one of the biggest industries, we believe that changing the way we consume can bring big changes. Made & More was born because we strongly believe in a proper and sustainable way to consume fashion. We want to give you the opportunity to wear amazing and special fashion apparel. We believe the key is to think about how we buy and what we buy.

Do you know where your clothes come from?

The fashion industry is glamour and fascinating, but also one of the most polluting. Tons of pesticides used, water polluted and wasted and thousands of workers exploited everyday to produced more, faster, at lower cost. Talented worker, artisans, designers are though making every day fashion. We shouldn’t stop buying clothes, but we can ask ourselves how we buy and what we buy.

Sustainable & transparent
There are several ways to bring fashion sustainable. Through the fabrics (organic cotton, reclaimed fabrics, recycled wool, …), through the place of production, through the savoir-faire, through the choice. Made & More carefully choose every brand. Each of them decided to keep their production close, in Europe and to be honest, proud and fully transparent on the way they produce.


Because we think transparency goes with honesty, you will find on each brand and article its origin, where it was produced, who is the designer.

There are names, faces and stories.

Each brand we choose has this little something: fine jewels design, recycled fabrics (recycled wool, recycled denim, organic cotton, …) apparel made of reclaimed materials, small production. They all in their way have this ethic twist, making the brand different. At the end, being a conscious consumer, the relation you will build with the garment becomes much more rich than with any other!