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Office Centre Dansaert 7-11 rue d’Alost Brussels 1000 BelgiumOffice MAD in Situ 4 rue du Vautour Brussels 1000 Belgium Tel: +32 (0)2 880 85 62 Tel: +32 (0)2 880 01 70


MAD Brussels – Mode and Design Center – is a platform of expertise and a unique shop window to show off the value of the fashion and design sectors in Brussels.
Its mission, which is at the heart of innovation and is oriented to the future, is to promote all the professions, encourage initiatives and support all the players in these two sectors to support their development and growth, from and towards Brussels.
Coordinating support and initiatives that are channelled to it, MAD Brussels ensures the local and international econo- mic promotion of Brussels creators and designers as well as investment in the Brussels Region from external players. This is done by activating networks of jobs and know-how, through high quality national and international events and by develo- ping a network of exchanges on an international scale. This is all done together with an action to revitalise Brussels districts needing revitalisation, thereby boosting the attractiveness of Brussels.
MAD Brussels highlights the position of the town-region, among traditional European capitals of fashion and design, as being an innovating centre for dynamic and avant-garde fashion and for cooperative and universal design. Set up in 2011, the asbl MAD Brussels is the result of close cooperation between different Belgian and European institutions such as the European Regional Development Fund, the Brussels Ca- pital Region and the City of Brussels.

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Centre Dansaert 7-11 rue d’Alost Brussels 1000 Belgium

MAD in Situ 4 rue du Vautour Brussels 1000 Belgium