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“Marraine was born on January 6, 1916 in Ans, a municipality in the province of Liège. She moved with her family to Roeselare in 1924. She learned to speak Flemish by reading the newspaper. She married and had two daughters and four grandchildren. one of those grandchildren, Martine Veranneman, born in 1969.”

In 2007 I started my own girls clothing line: Blathine. That was an exciting, intense time. But eventually it became a business and I missed the joy of the craftsmanship, the real handiwork and the direct contact with the customer, the carrier of my work.

In 2018 I changed course. I now only work on a small scale on order. I create tailor-made (wedding) clothing and take into account the individuality of the customer.

The approach is also unique: I don’t shy away from incorporating worn clothing with emotional value into a contemporary, new design. It is very pleasant to grow with the customer’s expectation to that moment when the result is allowed to see the world, usually that is a very special occasion.”

“Simplicity and elegance are my trademark. Wonderful “slow fashion”: the slow growth from a first sketch to tailor-made clothing that fits perfectly and a radiant customer.”

Did you know that I also teach?
As soon as Corona allows it again, workshops will be scheduled!

Design your own garment

During different modules I teach you to draw basic patterns to your own size. Then you analyze different models and I show you how you can convert them into your own pattern.

Possible modules are skirt, pants, dress, blouse, blazer and coat. Short classes each time.

New creative workshops are also planned:

– making lingerie

– dried flowers

– jewellery


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Naamsesteenweg 380E Heverlee 3001 Belgium