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Academic Bachelor and Master in Visual Arts
Office Alexianenplein 1 Ghent 9000 Belgium Tel: +32 2 447 14 00 Website:

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Do you have a fascination for textiles, a drive to create and do you want to master the visual language of textiles? Then the Textile Design specialization offers you a challenging research environment that explores the fascinating versatility of this medium. Textiles have a long history and come in many forms.

We communicate who we are in the way we dress and in the design of our living environment. Culture, time and social processes play a role in this, so that textiles function as a carrier of cultural values, ideas and meanings.

In the textile workshop you work with this fascinating versatility. New avenues and the changing role of the designer are explored, whereby the design process is not only about functionality but also about historical awareness, sustainability, emotions and topicality.

In this search for experiment, innovation and your own language, the artistic process is always central.

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Alexianenplein 1 Ghent 9000 Belgium