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Atelier Lotte Martens stands for

Beauty is the driving force behind our design process. With her products, she wishes to tell a story that inspires people and that makes them smile. When you buy a Lotte Martens product, you know you are holding a precious piece of textile, assembled with love.

Our atelier is not only a creative laboratory, but also a knowledge lab where innovative inks and printing procedures are developed. Our design process is a constant search for innovation, which makes us leading in Flanders in terms of textiles.

Our prints are designed with passion and a strong sense for colors and textures. All lotte martens products are of high quality, made with love and dedication for the profession. We are always looking for market gaps and ways to bridge them in a corporate social responsibility.

Creation & inspiration
Atelier lotte martens is a manufacturing company with a focus on production and design. We create fabrics that inspire others to create. Buy your fabrics, get inspired by our tips and sewing patterns, and make your own unique garment!

Local & sustainable
All lotte martens products are hand printed in a small atelier in Leuven, Belgium, by highly valued craftspeople with poor job abilities. We use ecological inks and our production is zero waste: all fabric and ink leftovers are reused for new products. This way we contribute to a circular economy.

No pre-bought prints, no child labour in foreign countries: every step in the production process, from the first design to the final touch, is completed with the greatest care. Because our fabrics are printed by hand, they are all slightly different and thus unique.

About Lotte Martens

Lotte Martens is a Belgian textile designer driven by the desire to create beauty.After obtaining her master’s degree in textile design at the Maastricht Academy for Fine Arts and Design, Lotte worked there as a professor and head of the Fashion department. In 2014 she founded her own company with the ambition to establish unique and innovative textiles. She strives to combine beauty with durability, thus creating unique fabrics that inspire people all over the world.

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Paternosterstraat 12 C Leuven 3010 Belgium