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LolaLiza was founded in 2001 by three entrepreneurs who cherished the same wish: to design fashionable and affordable fashion for all women.

At LolaLiza, we believe that outer appearance reflects the inner soul, which is why it is our aim to dress confident women confidently. Each woman is beautiful, and deserves to feel alike. Therefore our customers can always count on the best service – with a smile!

Lolawhat? L-o-l-a-L-i-z-a !

Our name refers to two personal traits shared by all women: mystery and charm. While ‘Lola’ alludes to the sexy, mysterious side of women, ‘Liza’ highlights her gentle and kind-hearted personality. Women indeed have more than just one quality, and LolaLiza allows you to display them all, every single day.


What makes us stand out? Let’s start with our ultimate favorite: the dress! Mini, midi or maxi, there is not a single piece of clothing that says femininity like the dress does. But women don’t just look their best in a dress, of course.

That’s why our collections always include playful jumpsuits, cool shorts, comfy pants and cute skirts as a fixed value in our collections.What more? Prints and color, of course! Each LolaLiza garment is defined by its unique print or combines the most beautiful hues and colors.


The largest part of our collections is made “in house”, in our headquarters situated in the heart of Brussels. We create fashion for women with spunk who love expressing their personality. For women who are not afraid to show who they truly are – beautiful in every way.

We design fashion for you. Women have the power to determine their own success and are even more empowered to do so in an outfit that allows them to completely be themselves.

Sexy, comfy, elegant, or extra festive? LolaLiza has got you covered on any occasion. What’s more? Our clothing is available in a wide range of sizes to ensure every woman can both feel and look good.








At LolaLiza, we highly value respect for our planet and our colleagues. That’s why we very much believe that doing business sustainably and in a socially responsible manner is the only way to continue creating our colorful and affordable collections in the long term.

Consequently, we think it is extremely important that the whole of our production process – from the tiniest button to the most complex print – is always in line with the International Labour Standards, which protect the rights of workers.


by our own LolaLiza designers? Our designers create all LolaLiza garments “in house”, in our headquarters in the heart of Brussels. At headquarters, they continuously deploy their creativity and expertise to develop refreshing, colorful collections.

Did you know that our collections are made

Our designers closely follow the latest trends, to which our clothing is constantly adjusted. New designs, fabrics, colors and eventually our collections find their origin when our designers merge their ideas with the latest fashion trends.

And things move fast at LolaLiza; new items are added to our collections each week. As a result, we can guarantee feminine, trendy and colorful fashion – day after day.


LolaLiza has been celebrating women since 2001 and wants to keep the party going. Since the foundation of LolaLiza, our colleagues have been committed every day to help our customers dress fashionably and with confidence. Today, LolaLiza boasts over 100 stores across 4 different countries. We are a leading retailer in the Belgian fashion industry, but also leave our mark on the Luxembourgian, Dutch and French market.

The future is digital, and we are well aware of that. Besides focusing on our stores, we increasingly concentrate on digitalization, e-commerce and –to be even more close to our customers- personalisation. This way, we inspire thousands of women online on a daily basis through our fun and easily accessible web shop. In short, a lot has changed since 2001, when LolaLiza first started with only 7 stores in Belgium.

The timeline below illustrates how we have grown from a local family business into an international women’s brand.