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Hello shoppers and small shoppers,

I am a mother of 4 children, Amelie and Elise, identical twins and Mattiz and Nathan, the 2 rascals. In the meantime I have been the proud foster mother of the roguish Lenthe for a few months now…

My family has taken me early on to the textile bug. In my view, this is something else than the fashion bug.

Feeling fabrics, seeing if something is comfortable, seeing which person stands with which fabric and color, those were the things that aroused my interest.

So in my student days I was more behind a counter than I was behind my books.

After my studies in Leuven at the law faculty, I immediately started working at C&A.

Here I gained the necessary experience about purchasing.

When my daughters turned 8, I found it difficult to find the right dresses for them. They weren’t little kids anymore, but they weren’t ready for teenage fashion either.

Certainly classic pieces, were hard to find.

That’s why I got the idea to start designing dresses myself.

It started with drawing, but then there was a lot more to it: choosing fabrics and haberdashery, visiting the production house, producing models, testing, testing and then testing again….

But here are our first dresses and there will certainly be more….

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Bienderstraat 25 Neerpelt 3910 Belgium