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Contact: Walter Ardies
Office Arwy nv Langepad 1 Herentals 2200 Belgium Tel: +32 14 25 76 30

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Arwy is a family-owned importer and wholesaler of shoes to the Benelux market. It specialises in fashionable childrens shoes for a wide range of customers. The shoebrands are on the one hand LittleDavid, Kipling Footwear and CKS.

The company was founded in 1893 by the great grandfather of the current managment team. Until the late eighties, the company had its own production plant inHerentals.Currently Arwy still develops its own designs and collection but the production is largely done in Italy, Portugal and the Far East. It’s therefore well know for bringing original developments with a superb price-quality ratio.

Over the years, a second business unit developed out of the delivery of shoes and boots to the Belgian army. This business unit of Arwy currently delivers a wide range of shoe and textile products to goverment agencies like the Belgian and Dutch army, the Belgian Post and others.

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Arwy nv Langepad 1 Herentals 2200 Belgium