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Our linen world
We have been passionate about linen since 1858, initially as a trading house in Kortrijk, and later in Meulebeke when the weaving mill was established. Our belief in flax and linen as a sustainable premier product has only grown throughout the years.

Belgian premier quality
Our focus on a single raw material has led to extensive specialization in a range of markets and a renown position internationally: we are among the largest linen weaving mills in Europe.


Only 6 weavers around the world may carry the Belgian Linen™ quality label. This has been a symbol of linen woven in Belgium from at least 85% European flax fibers since 1960. It is a guarantee of quality, traceability and authenticity, which is independently managed and supervised by the Belgian Linen Association.



Libeco linen carries the Masters of Linen® quality label. This guarantees that the linen was entirely made in Europe with a guarantee of transparent production processes and traceability. This label was introduced by (and is monitored by) the European Confederation for Flax and Hemp, or CELC.


There is no better testimony to our pursuit of quality than the title of Warranted Purveyor to the Court of Belgium. Be it in our products, in our business relationships or in our customer service, quality is always our top priority.

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Tieltstraat 112 Meulebeke 8760 Belgium

Libeco-Lagae Inc. 230 Fifth Avenue New York NY 10001 USA