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Office Industrieweg 100A Tessenderlo 3980 Belgium Tel: 013 78 14 91 Website:

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Les Soeurs, the holy triangle. Or 3 sisters with a full time passion for fashion and jewellery, who collect the latest fashion musthaves for you!

In 2011, Belgian fashion-girls Jules, Kay & Clio baptised their label ‘Les Soeurs’. Die hard fashionista’s they are, their mission for that unique bracelet, ring, necklace or handbag is endless. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do: they gathered in a journey to bring together the most beautiful gemstones, natural leathers and precious metals. The outcome is an exclusive jewellery and accessory collection with a very personal touch, like loads of sister love, created on Belgian territory.

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Industrieweg 100A Tessenderlo 3980 Belgium