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LĒO is a Belgium-based brand that was established in 2016 by artistic director Leonneke Derksen (Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Belgium) and founder Matthias Medaer.

LĒO was created in Paris, while gaining experience at fashion houses like Balenciaga and Carven.

This period was the base on which the vision of the brand was born, as the team got in touch and ultimately became part of a new generation of young designers.

Moving LĒO to the center of Europe (Brussels, Belgium) was a natural outcome of the need for full dedication to the brand and focus on the quality of it’s product, which is produced exclusively in Europe.


LĒO embodies the energy between luxury, avant-garde and street wear.

Experience over time formed a brand-specific set of values which consist of dedication to self-expression, nostalgia and the desire to push boundaries and evoke excitement.

Inspiration comes from various worlds and aesthetics and combines eras, movements, atmospheres and subcultures, regardless of codes.

Ideas are found in the space between external and internal experience and research is extracted from unique experiences in between quotidien performances and memorable rare involvements.

The brand displays the mind of different generations and the dualities that lie within them.

Attitude, authenticity and honesty are the essence of the LĒO customer.


At the core of all reflections lays a product which represents a balance of quality and originality.

These products are carfully placed in worlds in which the brand expresses an original take on ‘reality’ and its movements.

LĒO garments oppose seriousness with spontaneity and question common rules with creativity and curiousness.

Wearing LĒO implements appreciation for sophistication and uniqueness. Distinguished shapes turn through worked-out bleaching and dying technics into one of a kind garments for a one of a kind wearer.

LĒO embraces the awkwardness and accentuates it’s inherent potential for innovation which can be recognised in the choice of material and reccurent elements like metal details.

Each collection is a mix of unexpected and iconic elements with a touch of ‘‘no rule“ humor.

This fuse contains on one side traditional tailored or classic technical elements that breathe rationality and on the other side the element of surprise, instinct and emotion.

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21-25, Rue Gheude Brussels 1070 Belgium