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Le Sanglier

Contact: Michaël De Zanet
Tel: +32 478 324446 Website:

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Le Sanglier

Le Sanglier is a workshop devoted to the creation of leather products that are completely handcrafted and unique. These creations are mainly dedicated to vegetable tanned leather. This type of tanning gives some of the most robust leathers and the most conducive to patina by their simple use. Perfect combination between the durability of a product and its unique and lively side.

Our products.

By purchasing a Le Sanglier product, you are offering yourself a durable and personal object made in a unique way. Then you will be alone in control.

Le Sanglier products are generally guaranteed for life for normal use. Scratches, scrapes and general patina are not covered by this warranty.



Ordering your products

The aim of this workshop is to devote itself as much as possible to personalized creations. This is why, sometimes, I ask you to participate a little more than on other e-shops where all the products are directly sold as is. It is often possible via the choices offered to personalize your future goods (color, sizes, types of buckles, etc., type of leather, etc.) or even to contact me in order to offer things that are not on this site. That’s what’s exciting.

It is your idea that feeds my new creations. You can also participate in what you buy.