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Laure Kasiers

Rue Delaunoy 58 Bruxelles 1080 Belgium Tel: +32 494 19 68 20 Website:

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I made my first rugs when I was expecting my first child, over 15 years ago. There is a connection I believe: the nest, gestation, creation…

Before that, there was already a fascination for textiles and manufacturing processes, and for the object that is the rug: in addition to its infinite creative possibilities, I like its millennial historical dimension, but also its warm, friendly character. , present, it accompanies us, on a daily basis.

All my rugs are handmade in my studio. I am part of a quality and sustainability approach, the pace is deliberately slow, there will never be a large series, and production will always be local.

My technique is alternative, my carpets are neither woven, nor knitted, nor knotted, nor tufted. The result is shapes and patterns that are often organic, as if taken from nature, taken from a microscope or an aerial view of the earth or space.

I like that my carpets can open the imagination.