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Contact: Emmy Burm
Office Prins Boudewijnlaan 280 Edegem 2650 Belgium Tel: +32 3 459 8256 Website:

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Since 2002 L&T has been in the labeling business and has established itself as a premier player. We supply a huge number of Fashion Brands in Europe mainly to the French, Dutch and Belgian fashion markets. Lately we expanded our markets to Portugal, Italy and Sweden. Our clientele includes not only Fashion Names, also manufacturers and suppliers of garments, Shoes, bags, carpets and many other products. Since 2008, we have our own logistic and distribution office in CHINA.  So deliveries to any localtion in the world, straight to your producers is no problem at all.

badges, labels, hangtags, buttons, fashion jewelry and packaging solutions etc

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Prins Boudewijnlaan 280 Edegem 2650 Belgium