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Matteo La Rosa started the brand in June 2019.

In October 2020, he showed his first official collection to the public during Paris Fashion Week.

In June 2021, his second collection was shown through an online show. His first official men’s collection was shown then.

Matteo La Rosa is a Belgian/italian fashion designer and stylist from Antwerp. In 2019 he started his label MATTEO LA ROSA .

He mainly takes inspiration from the 80s. Where he is inspired by music such as new wave. The darkness and the color black he draws fully on to his collections.

Matteo designs for the powerful woman. A woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to show it. He embraces the female body in a way of pure elegance and adores how the garments fall over the body. The essence of this comes from his strong bond with his mother and grandmother. Two power women in Matteo La Rosa’s life.

Although he designs his silhouettes based on the female body, gender neutrality plays a very important role in Matteo’s designs. He actually designs for the person rather than the gender.

He usually shows his creations on models where the phenomenon of “woman” or “man” is non-existent. Only a true harmony between the garment and the body.

The sustainability aspect is very important in Matteo’s design process. Thus, everything is made in MATTEO LA ROSA’s own ateliers in Belgium.
He does not have a large stock of garments which means that no unnecessary fabrics are used and no waste is produced.

The brand MATTEO LA ROSA is built from a love for recycling old pieces and transforming them into new pret a porter pieces. As a result, each new collection will be a mix of archive pieces and newly produced pieces.
Collections include pieces for both men and women who feel good in an edgy basic silhouette of monotone colors.

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Weg naar As 255 Genk 3600 Belgium