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Contact: Philip Lapeirre
Office Groenstraat 1c Ingelmunster 8770 Belgium Tel: 0032 51 701627 Website:

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L&V Fashion is a young and dynamic familie business. In 2008 a shirtmanufacturer with over 50 years of experience was taken over by the Lapeirre-Vandaele family from Belgium. L&V Fashion takes everything in their own hands and has been independent from the beginning. L&V Fashion has clearly been integrated vertically. This means that we stand in for the choice of the fabrics up to and including the delivery of the finished shirts. This rich experience together with keywords below are the fundations of succes.

  • QUALITY: L&V Fashion is continuously searching for quality fabrics inside and outside Europe. Nice fabrics is the first and important step to a beautiful shirt. A performant quality-control leads to the delivery of a perfect shirt.
  • INNOVATION: under the motto of “Passion for Fashion”, L&V Fashion is continuously searching for new kinds of fabrics and we are aiming for an ever better quality. We are always looking for the novelties in our sector and trying to applie this in the market.
    The search for innovative elements is a continuously process without any end in sight. This results in new beautiful and fashionable shirts every season.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: At L&V Fashion, the customers always come first. Prompt delivery is one of our top-priorities. Agreements with our customers are always tried to be kept in honor. The ambience of positive collaboration with our customers is highly appreciated.
De confection takes place in Europe. That is why we can quickly react and respond on the demands of our customers. Also smaller orders are no problem for L&V Fashion.
For much bigger amounts, we have a good collaboration with one of our production units in China
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Groenstraat 1c Ingelmunster 8770 Belgium