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Knitoffice – Cousy bvba

Contact: Ludo Cousy
Office Vandendriesschestraat 10 Zottegem 9620 Belgium Tel: +32 (0)9 360 01 67 Fax: +32 (0)9 360 47 27

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Knitwear consultants

Knitoffice consists of a team of knitwear experts (flat knitting and hand knitting). Thanks to our four generations of know-how in knitting techniques we are able to think along with you as a designer and propose creative solutions. You will have direct contact with technically qualified people who push themselves to explore new boundaries.

We are a central information point and consultant for both starting and established designers. Thanks to our international contacts we form a link between designers and knitwear manufacturers all over the world.

World class Belgian knitwear

In Knitoffice, designers from all over Europe can find a creative partner close to home, a partner who will understand them immediately and who knows the finest details of the profession. Our central location and our technicians’ excellent command of different languages are a strong point in our favour.

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Vandendriesschestraat 10 Zottegem 9620 Belgium