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The brand name and concept are different. It’s okay to be different, so am I.
I spent half my life in Berlin, the second half in Antwerp. And even though German and Dutch are quite similar, there are notable differences. In the meantime I have given up speaking and especially writing the two languages, it has become an imperfect mix. You will read it here and there, or hear it when we speak. It makes me who I am… half and half but completely Meike!

So I grew up in Berlin and that’s where my brand name Kiez comes from. It is a typical word for an urban district, a small community in a large city. Berliners often refer to the neighborhood around their home as mein Kiez.

I said goodbye to the fascinating city brimming with history when I was nineteen.
For the love. I ended up in Antwerp and became a young, enthusiastic mother of three. After years of pampers, snot noses and puberty cures, it was time to put myself in the foreground. I ended up in the world of beauty and care but soon said goodbye to the classic manicure and pedicure and focused on facial treatments. It became a passion.
Because I myself have a challenging skin, I came naturally to ecological products and natural care.
I opened an institute and success followed. I could lose my egg optimally. Until love at home ran out, a divorce was inevitable. I was shaken up a lot, until I met Jaap who gave me confidence again and supports me to become the best possible version of myself.
What was always obvious to me, turned out to be an ecological challenge for many in Belgium. It was only then that I realized what a green nest and city I had grown up in. Sorting waste and consciously handling plastics was already very common in Berlin in the 1980s. I learned to live more consciously and sustainably in primary school.

For a number of years I combined my own institute with a part-time job in fair fashion. That sharpened my ecological awareness even more. In addition to natural treatments and products, I would also like to focus on sustainable lingerie. We are all familiar with sustainable outerwear, that concept is well established. But I think lingerie is just as important and fun!

An improperly fitting slip can seriously ruin your day, but the right underwear can make you glow!

Now it’s time for KIEZ. I want to offer an alternative to the chemical junk that people (sometimes unknowingly) smear on their snouts and bring nature closer to humans again. Back to the old days…with a minimum of waste and maximum results. I want to be your kickstart to a healthier and more conscious life. An eco-hub where you can go with your questions, test, have a chat, taste small fortunes and find inspiration for a more minimalistic life. In my institute I work with the exclusive Jojobacare products, which I have been completely dependent on since the start of my first business. A thoroughly Belgian brand that grows its own flowers and plants, provides very good training and offers excellent service. A textbook example of the short chain too.

A shop in my own Kiez…it was a childhood dream. I am a real customer person and I have a good sense of what people need. I don’t believe in extremes or perfection. If everyone were a little more aware of themselves, nature and their environment, the world would be a much better place. Start with yourself.

Welcome to KIEZ.