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Contact: Steven van Roy Sabine Berger
Office PAROCHIESTRAAT 98 DENDERLEEUW 9472 Belgium Tel: +32 (0) 53 66 72 05 Fax: +32 (0) 53 67 41 01 Website:

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In 1876, François Van Roy founded an independent company producing work clothes. After World War One his son Otto started the weaving mill, followed, after World War Two, by a production workshop making its own collection of men shirts. In 1965 grandson Robrecht Van Roy and his wife Vic Meersschaut switched from the own gentleman’s collection to concentrate on production of ladies’ blouses and men’s shirts under contract. In 1997 the old firm became a public limited company, V.R. Embroidery.
In 1999 Robrecht’s children Steven and Els took over as active partners. They worked with the designers Vicky Vinck and Katrien Strijbol to develop a full collection for women wich resulted in Just in Case. In 2002, VRE has an embroidery department and contract work as well as its own collection, JUST IN CASE

Just in Case is a Belgian high profile fashion brand sold in an impressive list of countries. Antwerp based designers Vicky Vinck and Katrien Strijbol create sophisticated collections for women as romantic as they are. Amongst the clients you will find famous and not so famous women, yet all strong characters.

The collection explores as well boundaries of former fashion styles with romantic & fashionable details which Vicky & Katrien draw or create themselves. This makes the collection recognisable by the public and is regarded as highly fashionable. Women waring Just In Case will not pass unnoticed and are often complimented out of the blue with their choice of clothes.

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