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Joanne Vanden Avenne

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After graduating from L’Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués in Paris in 2008, Joanne Vanden Avenne quickly realized she wanted to launch her own clothing line. The Belgian designer, who presented her first collection at Tranoï in March 2010, has an innate sense of beauty, style and balance. Judging there was no need to work for another fashion house, she trusted her gut feeling and rose up to the challenge. Her collections seem instinctive and direct, addressing women who juggle the demands of daily life without renouncing their femininity.

Resolutely contemporary and chic, Joanne Vanden Avenne’s clothes are tactile, refined and elegant. Combining structure with fluidity, her taste focuses on simple cuts and pure shapes, making her garments stylish and timeless. Not overtly preoccupied with trends, Vanden Avenne manages to integrate diverse influences within her work, from Japanese origami to American architecture. If her mathematical eye pushes towards geometrical effects and precise volumes, she also favors asymmetry and loose draping, which she uses on a regular basis. Looking for fresh contrasts and innovative finishes, she crafts desirable separates, appealing to an ageless woman who understands her values.

Despite being clearly urban, the designer’s collections often reference nature and its peaceful spirit. Aggression is absent from Vanden Avenne’s world. A quiet confidence defines the woman who wears her clothes. Green pastures, clear skies and open horizons are part of the designer’s vocabulary, bringing a vital energy to   her brand. Her dynamic lines are coupled with a sensual and delicate approach. Her clothes can be dreamy, too, but they’re always substantial. Designed and produced in Belgium, they are carried by reputable, high-end stores, whether they be Belgian or international.

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Wolvenstraat 21 Kortrijk 8500 Belgium