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Jeroen Hanselaer

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Even though Jeroen Hanselaer always had a natural incline to photography, it wasn’t until his late teens that the subject became more than a hobby to him. Under the influence of art historian Karl Scheerlinck, Jeroen started developing an interest in the captivating and storytelling potential of the image.

An intense study followed, during which Jeroen developed a vision on photography that is close to a way of life. Addicted to images, he is constantly aware of his surroundings. An inborn curiosity about the world and its inhabitants are his most important drive.

It was mostly this aspect of his personality that led him away from his earlier fashion work, and made him rediscover again what it was that drew him to photography in the first place: the pure love of the image. However, precisely the cross-contamination of his very different areas of work that brings out a curious intensity inherent to his work.

Very important in his photography, having become a signature trademark within his work, is the use of light and shadow. The way the light plays on his subjects, how it is able to transform the mundane and translate it into images, holds a great fascination to Jeroen.

These days, Jeroen has not only developed a unique vision as a photographer, he is also the designer of a style that distinguishes him from others. Always on the lookout for absolute beauty, Jeroen Hanselaer combines classical and modern ingredients to create a work of art that will stimulate our imagination.


Born in 1981 in Antwerp, Belgium


– 1999-2000: Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium

– 2000-2003: College of Karel de Grote, Antwerp, Belgium


– Documentary

– Portraits

– Fashion


– Qu’elle est Belle, CC De Kern, Wilrijk, 2005

– Project Fairytales , Design Museum Ghent, 2006

– Jazz@Luchtbal, Antwerp, 2008

– Jeroen Hanselaer Photographs, Ghent, Gallery Link, 2011

– The Green Jersey Portraits, 100 years Tour De France, Travelling Exhibit, 2012

– RESTLESS, Campo & Campo, Antwerp, 2015

– RESTLESS B&W, Gallery C41 Exposure, Antwerp, 2015