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Isabelle Carpentier

Office rue Wéry 69 Brussels 1050 Belgium Tel: 0032(0)478648531 Website:

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I sculpt in blocks of Corian , metal and glass, Shapes that are similar to mineral structures . I work on the balance , contrast , mobility of masses and fragmentation. A uniform and compact block contrasts with a space composed of a multitude of colored fragment. This structure highlights the chaos, the abyss represented as a tingling while the compact structure puts us in connection with the essence of existence and brings us back to a simpler form or catches the light.

Isabelle Carpentier is questioning the meaning of ex-votos, their symbolism , the way of perceiving these primitive and stereotyped representations and questioning the survival of this mystical practice.

She is invitating us tocast a new glance on these living blocks fragments, far from any aesthetic frame, which have resisted in spite of progress, keeping a strenght and fascination in the collective unconscious .

These timeless imageries constitute a kind of human experiment that travels down the ages , always generating fascination, from curiosity to turmoil or even repulsion.

The use of ancient materials and techniques is combined with contemporary materials such as corian which is sculpted in a primitive manner, encircling fragments fragments of spun glass.

The girdle makes the jewel flexible, malleable and stiff, and send us back to the tradition built from materials fitted with pasticity.

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rue Wéry 69 Brussels 1050 Belgium