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Contact: Marie Soufflet
cité du sureau 17 Brussels 1000 Belgium Website:

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Ireene is a belgian clothing brand founded by interior architect Marie Soufflet. Her minimalist yet comfortable proposal is focused on a timeless style, a sustainable way of production and high quality materials. The design of the clothes, not tied to any temporary trends, is meant to be a possible answer to fast fashion, offering mostly unique and long lasting pieces for a daily casual elegance.


Using only high quality upcycled fabrics from Italy, our handmade collection is designed and manufactured in Brussels by a small and local network. The reduced series crafted for each season allows for a constant evolution and renewal throughout the year.






details do matter

The essential shape of our clothes is reinforced by the straight cut of the models based on the « less is more » idea. The apparent minimalism is highlighted by ribbons, invisible openings or pockets and outside stitching. These subtle details invite us to understand the creative process in a surprising way.





We want to distance ourselves from the classic gendered fashion by designing mostly unisex clothing. We ditched traditional clichés in favor of a playful and mixed collection, offering anyone to create their own identity.




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cité du sureau 17 Brussels 1000 Belgium