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Contact: Flor Depla Armand Gelkopf
Office Arsenaalstraat 5 Antwerpen 2000 Belgium Mobile: +32 478 54 78 09 Website:

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by Flor Depla

Flor Depla is an experienced brand strategist. Her eccentric method of analyzing the past, the present and the future trends gives her an unique way of grasping consumers and society of today and tomorrow. Her functional, energetic and efficient designs are a trigger point: she is adding value in order to inspire humans as individuals understanding the importance of the group and of natural resources. Embracing a slow living lifestyle for more than 25 years.

Flor Depla and F.E.E.D Functional Energetic Efficient Design, is her freelance brand consultant part of Intens41agencies. With F.E.E.D she helps clients develop plans across all disciplines to bring out their full potential. She is a hands-on creative thinker, always looking back into the future. And she gets excited developing a lifestyle society that offers a way of living with respect for nature, traditions and high-tech technology.

With Intens41agencies she matches curated brands, as a brand builder for niche brands, and sub cultures brands, brands with the right shops in the BeNeLux.


Our company is specialized in advice to the young & existing companies. INTENS41 AGENCIES has grown from experience to the partner you look for. Our customers have reached a strong position in the Benelux and are ready for the new digital world.

We have the knowledge and the partners you need to organise your shop for offline, online, social media, the accelerating world we live and work in. We give advice & schooling.

Our juridical department helps you get started. After “customer intelligence” is needed to know what to buy for the new consumer that sailes day & night on the web for his & her choice.

INTENS41 AGENCIES works with internal as external advisors for all special Q&A.

INTENS41 AGENCIES stands close to the entrepeneur.

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Arsenaalstraat 5 Antwerpen 2000 Belgium