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Office Rue de Sclaigneaux 12 Franc-Waret 5380 Belgium Tel: +32 (0)81 83.37.76 Website:

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Created in 1979, our company with more than 30 years of experience has proven itself in the region and even far beyond.

From a simple hobby at the service of a sports club, we have only grown over the years through investments made mandatory following the evolution of the market.

Diversifying our products was our goal in order to satisfy and keep a highly solicited clientele.

We learned our job on the job, by dint of documentation and visiting specialized exhibitions in our branch.

99% of our production is entirely carried out in our workshop.

The different products we offer are:

• Stickers: from simple label to 70 x 100 cm format

• Rally plates: we are working on a 20 x 35 cm format with rounded cutouts on 0.5 mm polystyrene. But all other formats can be considered.

• Lettering: from a simple site panel to a giant panel (letters of 66 cm maximum) including vehicles and shop windows. We can provide you with the lettering to be applied by you.

• Posters: we have abandoned large format screen printing to limit ourselves to A3+ format in digital printing, therefore four-color. On the other hand, we can print you a giant poster (70 x 100 cm max.) of your most beautiful holiday photo.

• Commercial printed matter: we can print four-color business cards, letterheads, invoices, envelopes, but also wedding announcements, birth announcements, etc.

• Textile: we work with most brands on the market. We print on t-shirts, sweatshirts and polo shirts, but on shirts, nylon jackets, fleeces and caps, we recommend embroidery. We can also transfer full color photos or logos to these textiles.

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Rue de Sclaigneaux 12 Franc-Waret 5380 Belgium