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Stylist – Fashion designer

Fashion – Deco Coordination and supervision

Do you have a very particular vision of fashion and clothing? Classic or fashion, streetwear or casual, you have no trouble choosing your clothes every morning when you are faced with your wardrobe? So why not learn how to make your own styles and collections with this Stylist – Fashion Designer training?

The Stylist – Fashion designer creates and designs clothes. He designs, assembles and sews ready-to-wear lines or collections or unique pieces. He works with textiles but also with other materials. He chooses the fabrics, the colors, the styles and tries to anticipate the fashion of tomorrow to create clothes in his image or on behalf of a client.

The profession of stylist is a profession that is lived in the plural: beyond creative skills, it also includes technical skills such as model making, patronage, prototyping… and knowledge of production processes. The profession of stylist also requires skills in project coordination.

So if you want to develop your own clothing collection, put on your 31 and go to one of the IFAPME Centers that offers this training to register!

In-company practice is recommended in this training via the work-study model: ± 8 hours of lessons generally in staggered hours and ± 30 hours of in-company practice per week; remunerated. »

Job opening(s)
Stylist – Freelance fashion designer / Stylist – Freelance fashion designer

Responsible for collection, production, products

Employee in a ready-to-wear, industrial garment, style office

Employee in a fashion house

Strong points)
Customer contact Creativity Work in a team or independently Work in the office and in the field
Diploma in Coordination and Supervision

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Chaussée de Lodelinsart, 417 Charleroi 6060 Belgium

Rue du Château Massart, 70 Liège 4000 Belgium