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About Isabelle

As a child Isabelle had a special interest in fabrics, threads and buttons. During her studies in cutting and seaming, that interest grew into a true passion. Isabelle has been meticulously joining fabrics for more than 10 years. Seams, hems and buttons provide a professional finish.

Do you already have an idea or do you give Isabelle creative freedom? The result may always be there.

You will soon be showing off customization from ID Couture.

Special occasions call for special clothing.

Looking for an original party outfit?

Then be sure to visit ID Couture. Clothing that makes you feel good, that makes you shine, that makes you happy, Isabelle can take care of that.

You can come to ID Couture for every small, large or grand occasion. You can certainly count on a lot of compliments on your big day.

Do you have a repair or adjustment job? You can also contact ID Couture for large and small retouches. Isabelle makes sure your clothes fit like a glove