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Huis Van de Vijver

Kerkstraat 24 9300 Aalst Belgium Tel: +32 53 21 35 79 Mobile: +32 479 80 06 72 Website:

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About us

For 3 generations, from father to son, Huis VAN DE VIJVER has been known for selling and repairing sewing machines. When I started in the business with my parents 30 years ago, we were just like everyone else and we sold several brands. I followed technical courses of every brand. But soon my passion for the Swiss brand BERNINA became clear. Precision, innovation, support and quality are the features that make the difference today. It is an honor for me to sell BERNINA and take the brand to the next level through our own expertise, service and know-how.


Huis van de Vijver
only exclusive BERNINA distributor in Belgium.


A board member of BERNINA once said to me:

“You have no blood but BERNINA oil in your veins”.

By being exclusive (and therefore buying in larger numbers) we can also offer our customers an extremely competitive price. Something that has always been important to us “”a good product at the best price”.

We always have all models and all versions ready for demonstration. Our own technical service, which is provided by myself, is the cream of the crop. We follow all updates and technical training closely. We have all spare parts in stock. For example, we still have parts from my father and grandfather in stock.

Equally important is customer support. You always have individual guidance, both during and after the purchase. All instruction classes are free and individual. It’s not because several people buy the same model or brand that you have to put everyone together on set days. For many it will be too fast and for others too slow.

You are inexperienced, you are a hobbyist, you are a creative centipede or you are a professional seamstress…. It is precisely there that you are personally and individually guided by our professional teachers. This is easily done with a simple appointment and without having to bring your own machine.

Our motto is not for nothing:
“A sewing machine bought at Huis VAN DE VIJVER is not only for yourself, but also one for the next generation!”

We provide support for the following projects:

Everyone who works at Huis VAN DE VIJVER (including the business managers) does all commuting on foot or by (electric) bicycle. All journeys under 4 km are done by electric bicycle. Displacements of more than 4 km with the fully electric car.
Plastic packaging is avoided as much as possible. We ask our suppliers to avoid plastic blister packaging. We ourselves only use packaging in recycled paper. All plastic drink packaging is avoided within the company. Only glass recyclable bottles are used.”

A small effort that makes a big difference.

Opening hours

Mon-Tue-Thu-Fri: 9-12h. and 13.30-18h.
Sat: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. continuous
wed: closed

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Kerkstraat 24 9300 Aalst Belgium