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Contact: Veerle De Nutte
Boomsestraat 265 Niel 2845 Belgium Mobile: +32 472 57 02 00 Tel: +32 3 289 78 25 Website:

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WELCOME TO Het NaaiHoekje
“The sewing workshop of De Rupelstreek”

Are you looking for a seamstress who can mend your clothes or breathe new life into that broken coat that may have been hanging in your closet for years?
That new skirt that’s way too big and needs to be narrowed, and that rip in your favorite jeans?
Are there still broken or badly fitting clothes in your wardrobe that you can no longer wear?

Bring them in at Het Naaihoekje and this will surely come to a good end.
I repair and adjust everything, so that they are back as cast.

You give your clothes a second life here , and you save a considerable sum of money with it , instead of buying new clothes .

Bring in your favorite piece of clothing at “Het Naaihoekje” and I will repair it with lots of love and care.

Not sure if it can be made , need information or questions ?
Do you live in Niel , Boom , Schelle or in short De Rupelstreek ?
Feel free to contact us and we will look at the problem together and look for a solution.

DURATION TIME for an adjustment is between 2 and 7 days, unless material has to be ordered.
Then the duration starts from when the ordered materials are delivered.

Below is a short presentation about me .
My name is Veerle De Nutte.
I am 40 years old, married (20 years in Feb 2022) to David and together we have four children.
Brandon , Desteny , Jamy and Olivia .

I studied clothing/sales in secondary education.

Now I have been working as a cleaning lady for 16 years, and it is repairing, adjusting, retouching and even
designing “small pieces” of clothing has become more of a hobby that has gotten out of hand.

20 years after graduating, and all those years of just retouching and repairs, I felt the need for extra inspiration and to boost my knowledge.
I then went to follow a few extra workshops, and in the meantime I have already put together a lot of clothing for the youngest daughter (5 years old) and for myself of course.

Because the demand from family, neighbors, friends and other people here in the Rupel region came more and more, to help them with the repairs
and retouching of their clothing, and tailoring curtains themselves.

So I have now taken the step, after all these years, to turn my hobby into my (secondary) profession and thus start
as a seamstress in self-employed secondary occupation.

Even now in times of corona, I have made mouth masks for a lot of people, in different sizes, colors and models.

The name “Het Naaihoekje” or “The Sewing Corner” arose simply because I sit in the porch in the corner, to make the repairs, retouches and designs.

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Boomsestraat 265 Niel 2845 Belgium