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Contact: Juan Herrera-Jimenez Danièle Bayers
rue Natalis, 2 Liège 4020 Belgium Tel: +32 (0)4 223 64 42 Website:

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The “Bachelor in Textiles: Fashion Techniques” training allows students to put the following skills at the service of their future employer:
Designing trends and models, being able to translate them into technically successful patronage: skills that are both technical (model making, cutting) and artistic (styling),
Know the production processes and industrial constraints and thus manage the making of models: technical and organizational skills
Being on the lookout for the market, consumer needs, understanding marketing mechanisms and thus creating the conditions for commercial success: management and marketing skills.
The training is versatile. In various materials, the creation of models is complete.

From the first days of training, the student is led to develop his creativity by expressing his personality. He is sensitive to the attention to detail, the professionalism and the care expected in the future profession.

Learning throughout the training allows you to master the different stages of making a garment and develop the spirit of collection.

The internship takes place at the end of the third year of study and can thus play the role of a first professional experience which can serve as a springboard for employment.

The purpose of the internship is to immerse yourself in the workings of the professional environment, in Belgium or abroad, in sectors of your choice (P.A.P., Haute Couture, mass distribution, accessories, costumes, etc.)

Professional partners: Agnès B, Louis Féraud, Chloé, Natalia Brilli, Maison Margiela, Nelly Rodi, Peclers, Gaspar Yurkievich, Delvaux, Jean-Paul Knott, Ekjo, Ken Okada, Marcia de Carvalho, Véronique Leroy, Isabel Graham, Bruno Pieters, A.F.Vandevorst, Pelvan, Tim Vansteenbergen, Elvis Pompilio, Ariane Lespire, Delphine Quirin, Daughters of Daddy, Jean-Paul Lespagnard, System, Archimedes, Jn&Joy, Nathan, Gat Rimon (Paris), Léa Peckre (Paris), Niyona, Krijst, Isabelle de Borchgrave, RHIE (New York), Bellerose, Disney Studio, …




After graduation from HELMo Mode, the job opportunities are varied:

model maker
Creative department assistant
Designer of ready-to-wear or formal wear
Technical and production manager
Head of men’s, women’s or children’s department
Photo Stylist
Design of displays
visual merchandiser

NB: HELMo trains in the profession of Modelist-Stylist. The official title of the diploma is “Bachelor in textiles, technical option in fashion and styling”.


The student is invited to participate actively in the development of internal and external projects at the establishment in order to confront the real constraints of the sector. For instance:

Competition: Skills Belgium, Springboard, …

Various parades, exhibitions, collaborations, …

Fairs: Brussels Fashion Days, …

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rue Natalis, 2 Liège 4020 Belgium