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Prins Boudewijnlaan 5 bus10 Kontich 2550 Belgium Mobile: +32 (0)477/882.926 Website:

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Greenway Logistics is an organization in the field of logistics. The service includes logistic consulting, mediation in purchasing and sale of logistical services, developing logistics concepts and logistics related IT. Greenway Logistics represents a number of industry associations exclusively in the field of logistics. Greenway Logistics also acts as the official representative and mediator between industry associations and the government, NGO’s and logistic service providers. Greenway Logistics operates in the following industries: fashion, textile, housing, sports, shoes, media, accessories, lifestyle and camping. Customers of Greenway Logistics are: suppliers, shippers, retailers, merchants, logistic service providers, governments, industry associations and purchasing organizations.

Greenway Logistics will provide innovative solutions for its clients. Our keywords are cost reduction, sustainability and green. By organizing multi-party cooperation in the supply chain, Greenway Logistics is able to achieve benefits of scale. This often gives opportunities which individual parties are usually not able to achieve by themselves. The Greenway Logistics service is free for members of the affiliated trade associations.

Greenway Logistics has its own team of professionals and years of experience. Additionally, Greenway Logistics has an extensive network of experts and has almost infinite logistical capacity. Greenway Logistics is operating in several countries with both its own staff as well as their partners. As a partner of the IAF (International Apparel Federation), Greenway Logistics playing field has been extended worldwide.

Greenway Logistics stands for bundling transportation and logistics, a green approach, innovative logistic processes and an integrated chain approach. In other words: Greenway Logistics stands for cost savings, sustainability and innovation.

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Prins Boudewijnlaan 5 bus10 Kontich 2550 Belgium