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Greentexx composite

The Greentexx textile composite is available via our expanding international network of certified installers.

Why Greentexx?

1. Safety first.
The Greentexx textile composite has acquired fire certificates: up to B-s2-d0 Thanks to having obtained those certificates, Greentexx can be used as a facade element or along evacuation routes inside buildings.

2. In or out?
Greentexx can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Greentexx composite is perfect for all vertical garden projects.

3. Light & fast.
The the strong and durable Greentexx textile composite is extremely light. 3.5 kg/m2. This makes fast installation possible. Up to 100 m²/day of frame and composite can be installed.

4. Intuitive design.
The Greentexx includes pre-cut pockets for plants and pre-made watering sleeves that are especially designed to uniformly fertigate & plant the system. All plant pockets are reinforced with a 10-year warranty mesh and pre-made in a fixed pattern (30 or 45 plants/m²), so you can focus on the plant design & the planting itself. Using plant plugs or P9 plants, 1 m2 of Greentexx can be planted in less than 10 minutes. Moreover, our pockets are compatible with most humidity and temperature sensors for easy remote tracking of the green wall.

5. Standardised mounting.
Greentexx comes in three product versions:

standard panels (2.25 m² per panel; 126 cm x 180 cm; 7.5 kg per panel; to be mounted using keders)

tailormade panels (2.25 – 13.5 m²; up to 45 kg for a single panel; to be mounted using keders)

small rolls (81 cm width; <20 m² per roll; 38 kg per roll; to be mounted using stainless steel staples onto water-impermeable boards)

6. Plant density
You can choose between planting densities:

30 plants per m²: 15 cm x 15 cm pockets, checkerboard pattern, ideal for plantplugs to P9

45 plants per m²: 15 cm x 23 cm pockets, checkerboard pattern, ideal for P9 up to P12.

specialities (checkerboard or brick pattern; 22-88 plants per m²)

7. Confectioning creativity.
Owing SIOEN’s internationally renowned confectioning expertise, tailored and freeform variations of Greentexx are possible. The composite can be pre-cut in any shape with straight or rounded edges.







Standard panels are ideal for square or rectangular walls.

Tailor-made panels are available for freeform variations shapes. Consider convex & concave shapes or warped designs. are possible and will adding a truly unique green signature to your designs.

Small rolls can be stapled onto water-impermeable boards, whether they are straight, curved, or warped.

Greentexx: flexible, textile and eco

Greentexx network of experts
As a building owner / contractor, you can choose your installer freely from our international & expanding network of partners.

As a (candidate) certified installer, you can choose to work with your own local suppliers to provide the aluminum frame, the fertigation unit, and/or the plants. Should you want support, you can contact one or more companies that are already used to working with Greentexx.

External services include:

delivery of plant plugs, tried plant assortment, tried plant mixes, drawing planting schemes, precultivation of standard panels, and international shipping of precultived panels.

Mounting frames:
providing CAD drawings, delivery of raw aluminium profiles, delivery of tailormade aluminium profile packages.

providing schematics with dripperline layouts, delivery of tailormade fertigation units (from entry level to autonomous with SMS alarms & flow-control, and remotely controlled web-based units with sensors and/or compressors)

from DIY monitoring with probes or apps to full monitoring support by an external remote monitoring center by experts in the field & technical support.

Greentexx advantages

Strong and durable textile composite

Pre-cut pockets for plants & sensors

Pre-made watering sleeves

Keders can be added to the contours

Both standard and tailored options possible

Easy and fast installation (up to 100 m2/day)

Ultra-thin and lightweight (3.5 kg/m2)

Freeform is possible

For outdoor and indoor use

B-s2-d0 certified