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About Grandeco WallFashion Group

A worldwide favourite of interior decoration enthusiasts who want to give their interior a magnificent, personal touch by applying a unique range of wall decoration options.

Global market leader in wall decoration
Grandeco Wallfashion Group Belgium is one of the largest producers of wall decoration products in the world. In Tielt – which was once the heart of the Belgian Textile industry – we make our own collections as well as wall decoration products for private labels. This represents a total production of more than 13 million rolls per year. Owing to a number of recent acquisitions our product range continues to grow and expand. We are constantly keeping an eye on the most recent trends, which enables us to consolidate our position as a market leader. Respecting our legacy, we are also committed to supporting a sustainable future.




Grandeco in figures

13. mln
rolls produced in 2021 on 2 engraving lines, 6 engraving/screen printing lines and 1 digital production line.
135 mln
meters produced in 2021, which is more than three times the earth’s circumference.
95 mln
euros turnover in 2021.
distributors in 88+ countries and six sales offices in Belgium, France, Great Britain, Poland, Russia and Germany.

If walls could talk, what tale would they tell?

As a manufacturer, Grandeco offers the full range of services: starting from creative concept to full production and shipping. We provide the best possible service based on your specific requirements.


In-house design all over the world
Our international design team’s imagination knows no bounds. Transforming a creative concept or dream into a stunning decorative wall creation? Check!

Classic or modern, Grandeco’s wall decoration products defy any trend and won’t leave anyone indifferent. Our rich portfolio of different moods, tastes, textures and colours covers every style. Grandeco offers a wide choice of in-house collections. In addition, we also design and make bespoke products for you as retailer and we offer assistance in launching and marketing wall decoration.





Our Brands


Advanced machinery
When our design team’s job is completed, the design they developed takes further shape in our hand samples department and is then transferred to our production preparation department. We have two engraving lines, six engraving/screen printing lines and one digital production line: advanced machinery that makes it possible to give free rein to our creative ideas and our expert technical know-how.







Service and quality
We are known for our excellent service, short delivery times and superior quality. This is certified by the 3S quality of our products and our ISO9001 certificate. It has given us a solid reputation in the international market over the past years.








We are committed to a sustainable future. For instance, we consistently opt for renewable materials, we optimize our energy consumption and we are very serious about clean water and clean air in our production process. Our Eco Deco products are 100% recyclable yet cannot be distinguished from any vinyl wall decoration.








Our future
At Grandeco we are not resting on our laurels. We are constantly thinking about the future. We are looking for new solutions and ways to personalize our wall decoration. Over the years, our range of wall decoration products has been extended with vinyl, murals, 3D panels and ecological wallpaper. In order to respond to the requirements of every end user, we are attentive to what you – our customers – want and the opportunities you see. Our goal is to find advanced solutions to the challenges you present to us.

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Wakkensteenweg 49 Industriepark Zuid B Tielt 8700 Belgium