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Since 1899 Gevaert has been manufacturing the nicest collections of elastics for the fashion industry. Throughout the years Gevaert became a worldwide brand for suspender- and beltwebbings. and it developed several other niche-products like trouser and underwear waistbands.

With a 100% made in Belgium strategy, Gevaert owns control over the entire productionsprocess and is able to guarantee a consistant quality level, as well as competitive prices.

A solid salesservice combined with a salesagentsnetwork, Gevaert ensures an optimal costumer experience

It makes Gevaert your ideal partner for your webbing needs.

Production technology

A modern production plant with over 150 weaving looms, combined with a skilled staff of 50 specialists, nothing but quality can be expected. Next to narrow fabrics weaving, Gevaert can offer various webbing finishes as well as make-up options:

Digital printing – a Gevaert specialty
Any design or logo, in any colour imaginable can be printed at Gevaert, on the webbing of your choice. Starting from 400m.

FR webbing – a Gevaert specialty
Looking for fire retardant (FR) webbings? Gevaert can offer a wide range of FR woven elastics or rigids.

Tested according to ISO 15025

Ultrasonic cutting – a Gevaert specialty
Our standard make-up is offered on rolls. But thanks to the latest ultrasonic cutting machinery Gevaert can offer a precision cut, with smooth edges and exact length



Proudly made in Belgium
Gevaert was founded in 1899 by Jean-Baptist Gevaert as ‘La rubanerie de Deynze’. Already from it’s early days the company has been producing elastics for the leathergoods industrty.

Deinze, the city where it all began, is situated near the river Lisse. Also called ’the golden river’, as it was the center of the blossoming flaxindustry in Belgium. A region that remained worldfamous for it’s textile industry.

Gevaert is proud to be part of this rich heritage.


Origin Label
Because the consumer is paying more and more attention to socially and ecologically responsible production of clothing and accessories, we now offer an origin label, which indicates that the used tire has been produced at Gevaert.

The Gevaert origin label is available in 3 sizes so that a custom label can be used for each accessory.

For more information, please contact the sales department. They will be able to inform you more about this.



Quality above all!
Gevaert is making sure that customers can expect nothing but quality products. It all starts with a selective purchasing policy, followed by an overall quality-vigilance throughout the production steps. Quality is no coincidence at Gevaert.

Always on the look-out for new trends, Gevaert is making sure to offer its customers just what they are looking for. The innovative nature of its collections is highly appreciated worldwide.

It’s good to be green!
Located in the heart of Flanders, we comply to one of Europe’s toughest environmental legislations, next to the current REACH regulations. On top of that our ökotex-certificate proves that Gevaert ranks human ecology at nr1.

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Industrielaan 18 Deinze 9800 Belgium