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Contact: Philippe Finkelstein
Office Pelikaanstraat 54 Belgium Antwerp 2018 Tel: +32 (0)32311643 Website:

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Our History

Since 1948, when Armand Frohmann founded Frohmann jewelers in the beating heart of the diamond center in Antwerp, our brand and products are reknown for the outstanding quality of jewelery manufactured in the traditional way, with a little creative twist.

At Christies and Sotheby’s you will find pieces from the collection that are acclaimed worldwide for their high quality and precision; also are we proud to have many royal families as clients of Frohmann.

In 2005 Frohmann was acquired by Group Finkelstein ( est . 1896  ) that with its international reputation is, among other things, renown for the unique quality and purity of diamonds  both raw and cut.

Today the Frohmann brand is led by Philippe Finkelstein  who mixes his high knowledge of craftmanship with an innovative touch unseen till today.

Our Philosophy

Brands such as Piaget, Cartier, and Baume & Mercier trust Frohmann since decades for the distribution of their watch-collections. Recently, Philippe has won the trust of Chanel as well.  We invite you to discover the collection in our shop in Antwerp.

Prestige and respect of the traditional craftsmanship is our highest standard and you will feel that beginning by our personalized service till the smallest details of our products and collections.

Technologically we keep up to date and were are very allert when it comes to design and production. 

Our Products

For our jewelery you can count on over 40 years of knowledge of Charles Gaertner and  Philippe Finkelstein and their experience when it comes to treat every stone and every element with honor and respect of the tradition of manufacturing. This is why we can proudly say we create with experience,  passion and prestige.

With a beating heart for watches since 7 generations (or since 1790) in the Finkelstein-family, Philippe stands out with his unique knowledge of ancient and modern  timepieces from all over the world.

Please feel free to contact Philippe for questions about estimations, restaurations, acquisitions of old jewelery and timepieces of all ages. Nowhere else will you come across such a know-how and professionalism as in Maison Frohmann. 

Our Boutique

Our store combines prestige and discretion. We would be pleased to welcome you after taking an appointement, so that we can offer you the time and the service only you deserve. 

But don’t worry, appointements are not mandatory; In case you are in Antwerp for a day, don’t hesitate to visit us without appointement, our team will be pleased to help you!